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"A well appointed home shouldn't require a second mortgage!"

At RC Designs we believe that beautiful decorating should be comfortable, inviting and most of all affordable. We help our clients overcome their biggest obstacles like, "The master suite that is never complete" and "Where do I begin with my kitchen" or "What do I do with those windows" and last but not least "I just moved into my new home and I can't do a thing with it". We take the guesswork out of decorating.

By listening to you, the homeowner, we understand how you live, what you want, and put a plan into action; giving you amazing results in a house that becomes your home. We stand by our philosophy that just about everything old can be made new again. Reupholstering, refinishing or simply a change in venue can make existing furniture come to new life. By reusing what homeowners already own the cost of that dream room can be a lot less than you think.

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